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[Saturday - 17:00]

Most powerfull players

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9 Jun 2014 - Server Start!

Hello dear player!
You Always wanted to relax, but no server to provide you such relief?
Time to away from the monotony, The end with boredom! Our server is what you're looking for!

Server full of professionalism, with multiple systems enabling an incredible game & fun!
Ok! We will no longer beat around the bush, how our server is excellent, because everyone will be able to see this on Monday at 19:00.

If in some way we convinced you to play on our server, please help in advertising, that at the start logged a lot of people, that game was fun! Remember, the server is created for players, and it is up to you how depends will be playing on it.
Any person who wants to show off their progress in advertising, is invited to send a link to the forums, where your ad was placed e-mail: Any person whose well it goes, will be for sure rewarded. Of course, advertising no have to be only and exclusively by the forum, but can also be reported as "SPAM" on the other OTS on the same topic.

Information to connect to the server:
Port: 7171
Client: 8.54-8.60
Password: 123/123
- Elder Druid
- Master Sorcerer
- Elite Knight
- Royal Paladin
Start: Monday - 19:00

Description of the several sections of our server:
• Player example starts with 50 level, private character starts with 60 level;
• Each player starts with promotion;
• For killing players get rewards that can later be exchanged for special items.
• Professions, spells has been balanced;
• Server map is quite large, so everyone can find a seat for themselves to kill;
• For killing on MC is punishment, that the system itself grant you (antyNoobExperience);
• Exp rate: 100x;
• Skills & Magic rates: 10x Skill and 10x Magic;
• 1000 players can login;
• Dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet Connection;
• Fair & Active staff;

Few possibilities which server offered you:
• Possibility to get free private character for 200 level in game (or sms)!
• Possibility of exchanging rewards per killing players on better items than basic!
• Possibility exchanges frags for special outfits!
• Possibility teleportation between the temples!
• 9 Different temples - possibility of playing to 500+ people on the server, places on the map not run out!
• Possibility to acquire skulls - per every killed player you get frag and the X is assigned to skull:
- 10 killed,
- 20 killed,
- 40 killed,
- 60 killed,
- 80 killed.
• Possibility to acquire emblems - per every assist around killing player you get assist and the X is assigned to emblem:
- 30 assists,
- 65 assists,
- 100 assists.
We could exchange this indefinitely, but we don't see need for that, all come out in the wash.


More informations in bookmark FAQ and Server Infomarion.

What is there more to talk, cordially invite you to start server, which will be held Monday at 19:00.

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